Gadgets by Sadi appreciates every single time you trust us with your purchase. We want you to have an absolutely hassle-free shopping experience. We assure you that all Products sold on are unused/new. In case the Products you have received is ‘Damaged’ or ‘Not genuine, you can submit your request. We will contact you within 7-10 days, after receiving your notification.
Return Policy:

We offer 3 days replacement manufacturing fault
If the product is not genuine (Must notify within 24 hours)
If you received a physically Damaged/Used/Different product from courier service or delivery service. Must notify in front of delivery man. Or please send the unboxing video of products including the brand sealed package. It is mandatory, we will not accept any complaints without video.
If the Product is completely different from the picture, wrong description on the website (Must notify with 24 Hours). Package must be intact/sealed as you received. After opening package, any complaints will simply ignored.
If you Change your mind/Misplaced order – (Product must be unused/sealed, conserve the delivery packaging as you received, within 24 hours)
Offer/discount/campaign items don’t have cancel or exchange policy. Please think before pay.


Product quality is up to manufacturer. As we’re not the manufacturer you cannot return an item which you’re not satisfied with the quality.
Return only applicable if the item condition is good. Too much scratch dirty broken product will simply ignored.
We do not support software related issue ( Bugs, improvements) these all out of our support policy.
You cannot return an item which was intact and you break the seal.
If you cancel order after dispatched, you must have to pay delivery charges.
We don’t have any kind of exchange policy.
For the sake of minor mistakes in the products image, description, information, or illogical issue will simply ignored. These all out of our support policy.
To return, customer must ensure the item is packed and delivered securely.Gadgets by Sadi will not be held responsible if the goods get damaged on their return to Gadgets by Sadi address.
Inside dhaka we request customers to come our office that they can explain problem and get instant solution. This is mandatory sometimes depending on the problem.

Refund Policy:

If we cannot provide replacement.
If you changed mind & cancel order before the Products is already shipped.
If the item is out of stock and you requested to get your money back.


Most refunds are fully refunded in 2-3 days after we receive and process your return.
If you pay us by using card, then we will request a refund in bank which will take 2-3 working days.
If you pay us by bkash/rocket/mobile banking, then your money will be added in your desired account within 2-3 working days.
Customer must ensure the item is packed and delivered securely. will not be held responsible if the goods get damaged on their return to Gadgets by Sadi address.
Any kind of misbehavior will simply ignore the complain or may result delay to solve complain. Customer patience will highly be appreciated.
Partial payment/pre-order in non refundable if the customer want to cancel after order after shipment.

Warranty Policy:

Brand Warranty:

Notify us during the warranty period.
We will communicate with brand/seller (within 10-15 working days)

Replacement Warranty:

Only applicable in case of a manufacturing defect.
Replacement only 1 time during the whole warranty period.
Notify us during the warranty period.
Any kind of scratch or dent products are out of our policy. You have to return fresh items as you received.
Replacement or fix issue takes at least 3-4 weeks. We repeat it takes at least 3-4 weeks to replace or fix any product. You must have to agree before order.